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Hello Big Bear! I am a CPO certified spa tech with years of experience  including warrenty repair for Hotsprings & Jaccuzzi spas, weather it be for regular service or repair, vacation rental or private home, you are sure to be satisfied with my work!

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Before Our Service

~We offer both weekly and bi-weekly service programs to fit your spas specific need based on usage.

~Initial service spas are opened and all equiptment is checked for potential damage and to make sure everything is running properly.

~All spas on service are equipt with a floater which is always filled with your choice of chlorine or bromine tablets to help regulate the water.

~All services consist of, balancing of chemicals; PH levels, chlorine/bromine levels, filter cleaning, scrubbing of the shell and bottom of the cover, top of covers are treated with 303 protectent to elongate the lifespan.

~High acid  levels (low PH) is the #1 cause of spa equiptment falier and is extreamly common due to over chemicalization. We make it a point to not overdose your spa with chemicals in order to give your spa equipment the longest life possable but will always be enough to keep your spa crystal clear.

~If repairs are needed, regular service customers will pay little to no labor coast and prices on parts are extreamly fair.

~Senior & Veteran discounts available for private homes.

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"Moon has been servicing my hot tub for several months. I have used other
services in Big Bear and no one comes close. Moon is quickly
responsive, excellent communication, reasonable prices, and has dealt
with several issues my older hot tub had from not being used for a few
years. Since then I've had vacation renters in & out several times
& he has kept the hot tub in perfect operating condition - I have
not had a single complaint. HIGHLY recommended!!!

Lisa F.    01/15/2017

"Stop getting frustrated and constantly disappointed that your spa isn't being shown the care it needs and deserves.

Call today and see that with, Spa Service by Moon Solis, the difference truly is Night & Day!"

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